LEGION OF DEATH Records has almost no support for some years now. So after 50 releases and 18 years of existence, it is time to put this label to an end. Thanx to all the die-hard maniaks who supported it over the years. But there is no place for such a particular concept in today's rotting scene. The latest release is the PHERETRUM 7"EP, obviously there are still plenty of copies available.
ARMÉE DE LA MORT Records is still there though, it is basically the same entity with an extended concept. I will mainly release my own projects now, and some other ones if I find them really important to me. As a reminder, don't send any promo or idiotic message saying you are searching for a label when you didn't even get informed before writing, that will be ignored.
Rest in Hell, LEGION OF DEATH.


OUT NOW: MANZER "Pictavian Invasion in Central America" (Pictavia) Double CD.


OUT NOW: PHERETRUM "Inwards Lunacy" (Uruguay) 7"EP.




- A new site is now online! It is more convenient and complete, still with the webshop full of underground Metal stuffs.

- A parallel label to LEGION OF DEATH Records has been created : ARMEE DE LA MORT Records. More infos on the concept in the "Contact" section.

- From now on, ALL CD's cost 9 Euros! Except double CD's or special versions of course.