Session drums & vocals

I can offer session services when it comes to drums and vocals for your studio recordings. It can be for most traditional Metal and Punk styles. No modern stuffs like Nu/Core/Sympho/Post/Avant-Garde etc... All politicized and religious bands will be denied too.

The price is simple : 10 Euros / recorded minute. For example, if you need drums for your demo which lasts for 20 minutes, the total will be 200 Euros.
It doesn't include studio costs, but the prices are low (70 Euros for one recording day), for top notch quality. Everything will be recorded at LE CAVEAU Studio by Fog, who can also offer mixing and mastering services.
Feel free to write for any questions!


I can make a layout for any kind of format, for your band or label.

I can't draw or paint, but I can suggest illustrations, or even work with an artist able to do something unique for you.

I just ask for free copies of the production as payment. Feel free to contact me for any question or proposal!

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