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You can find huge discounts on my own releases on the webshop, don't miss them! It will last until the 2nd January 2017.
There are also a lot of new sales on many other stuffs. These ones have no limitation in time!
Check more than 900 articles on the site, with new ones arriving all the time.
Please feel free to ask if you have any questions!
Thanx for your support and hear from you...


Out now on Armée De La Mort Records : HEXECUTOR "Poison, Lust and Damnation" (France) CD.


Out now on Armée De La Mort Records : MANZER "Beyond The Iron Portal" (Pictavia) LP.


Out now on Armée De La Mort Records : MANZER (Pictavia) / HEXECUTOR (Brittany) "Pictavian Hexecution" Split 10" MLP.


New service : "session drums & vocals".


- A new site is now online! It is more convenient and complete, still with the webshop full of underground Metal stuffs.

- A parallel label to LEGION OF DEATH Records has been created : ARMEE DE LA MORT Records. More infos on the concept in the "Contact" section.

- From now on, ALL CD's cost 9 Euros! Except double CD's or special versions of course.