PHERETRUM Inwards Lunacy (Uruguay) 7"EP - LOD050Available

Maniac exaltation and lightning speed violence is brought by the southern wind coming from Uruguay. This 7" is a real macabre nightmare honoring the Death Metal pioneers. "Inwards Lunacy" expels deep and obscure feelings of the most electric and sinister path your brain can vomit to alter your perception of reality! 4 exclusive tracks made of chaos and madness. Created in 2009, PHERETRUM is here to show you what South American Death Metal is all about. Limited to 300 copies.

Release date : 19/04/2019

UGRAKARMA Mountain Grinders (Nepal) 7"EP - LOD049Sold out

Hailing from the Himalayan nation of Nepal, UGRAKARMA unleashes an aggressive and uncompromising brand of Death Metal, 13 years after their last release. As the first Death Metal band from their country, UGRAKARMA has influenced countless bands in Nepal and has achieved a cult status throughout the South Asian region. On this EP, these four death-mongers churn out some sick, fast, no-frills Death Metal inspired by early Death/Black/Thrash/Grind. Two basses are applied : one distorted and fretless and the other one clean and finger plucked, together creating a deep and filthy sound from the festering bowels of the deceased. A real blitzkrieg on the battery blended with a triple vocal assault of growls and screeches complete this barrage of aggression. These torchbearers of old school Death Metal have created an enormous impact in their home country and they are about to invade the rest of the world with their Himalayan Metal of Death.

Release date : 02/09/2015

COMBAT NOISE In War We Trust (Cuba) 7"EP - LOD048Sold out

Chaotic riffs demolishing everything, guttural voices, warlike melodies and bursts of blast beats which will pierce your body, this is Death Metal the ancient way. For COMBAT NOISE, it is not only about making music that kills, attitude on and out of stage is the key word which characterizes them for more than 15 years of campaign. For this reason, the record is exclusive for war veterans and mercenaries involved in the battlefield that is extreme Metal ; no matter the bulletproof vest you will use, you will be beaten to a pulp and you will die with the urge to continue falling under the grapeshot. 5 tracks, the last ones you'll hear for your burial in the trenches.

Release date : 07/10/2013

VALE OF AMONITION Infernal Supremacy (Uganda) 7"EP - LOD047Sold out

VALE OF AMONITION is a Heavy/Doom Metal band hailing from Uganda. With this 7"EP, they made a tribute to Hell, born out of their passion for MERCYFUL FATE, IRON MAIDEN, MORBID ANGEL, VENOM and paragons of Doom like BLACK SABBATH and PAGAN ALTAR. "Infernal Supremacy" is a concept release, a thorough celebration of darkness and mystery, for the glory of the African Metal underground. Plunge into the unique style and world that created VALE OF AMONITION...

Release date : 17/12/2012

MASTER OF CRUELTY Depths of a cold Abyss (Paraguay) 7"EP - LOD046Sold out

MASTER OF CRUELTY stands for torture, paranoia, sickness, hate, ancient tales of filth and grim occultism. At war with the horned one, this South American beast comes from the wild land of Paraguay. Expect no fucken mercy, but insane blackened Death/Thrash Metal with an own identity. This horde takes no prisoners and is thirsty for blood. Sensitive souls, beware... This record is for real warriors only! 4 exclusive tracks. Cover art by Chris "ThornCross" Moyen.

Release date : 17/07/2012

SAVAGE DEITY / GOATCHRIST666 Icons of the Wicked (Thailand) 7"EP - LOD045Sold out

A blasphemous alliance between these Death Metal (SAVAGE DEITY) and Black Metal (GOATCHRIST666) hordes from Bangkok, Thailand. Each band offers 2 crushing and aggressive tracks, exclusive to this record. Bestiality in the pure state. The metallic supremacy of Siamese Metal warriors can't be denied! Cover art by Sickness 666.

Release date : 17/07/2012

SKINFLINT Gauna (Botswana) 7"EP - LOD044Sold out

Fantastic African Heavy Metal, inspired by legends like IRON MAIDEN, MANOWAR and MEGADETH, but also by African myths. SKINFLINT's previous offering "Iklwa" was considered to be a pioneering example of blending traditional Heavy Metal with an African concept and atmosphere. "Gauna" is a prequel to the events of "Iklwa" and follows in the same footsteps as its predecessor. This release covers the battle of Gqokli Hill, African culture and of course Gauna himself (ruler of the Underworld). The 7"EP features 3 exclusive songs and 1 live song as bonus.

Release date : 19/12/2011

MORBID FUNERAL Lord of Demons (Costa Rica) 7"EP - LOD043Sold out

MORBID FUNERAL is one of the pioneering bands of the Black Metal movement in Costa Rica with a 15-year career in the Central American underground. Their style is a primitive and gloomy Black Metal. "Lord of Demons" deals a deathblow with occultism and antichristianism. The 7"EP features 4 exclusive tracks : 3 own songs, and a cover from the legendary band MYSTIFIER. An essential record for fanatics of Latin-American Black Metal.

Release date : 10/10/2011

SEEDS OF IBLIS Jihad against Islam (Iraq) 7"EP - LOD042Sold out

SEEDS OF IBLIS emerges from a land of war and religious oppression. The band is made of four members (among which two are girls), risking their lives in the name of Black Metal. Their concept is to desecrate the principles of Islam. Musically, it is Black Metal influenced by BATHORY, MAYHEM, SODOM, VENOM, SLAYER and oriental music as well, with raw and dark sound. Join the vengeful fire of Iblis to destroy religionists made of clay, and clean the mighty Mesopotamia with blasphemies!

Release date : 13/09/2011

ORISHA SHAKPANA Caribbean Metallic Storm (Jamaica) 7"EP - LOD041Sold out

ORISHA SHAKPANA is Jamaica’s premier Black Metal band, which has been compared to bands like ORDER FROM CHAOS, BLASPHEMY, SARCOFAGO, VON and Norse Black Metal. Lyrically, it is about the dark history that Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean has and shares. It is also about Jamaican superstitions of the night and mythology that has traces back to Pre-Columbian Jamaica. The Orisha are types of gods, and Shakpana is the god of diseases and insanity. Olokun is the elder god of the Orisha, lord of the ocean and earth’s depths. Also there is the tradition of misanthropic lyrics as the only warrior behind ORISHA SHAKPANA, Lord Ifrit, is a misanthropist. This 7"EP is also a tribute to the mighty HELLHAMMER, and it features a BRUTUS (Guyana) cover. Definitely not for weak ears.

Release date : 16/02/2011

LUCIFERA Legiones de Metal (Colombia) 7"EP - LOD040Sold out

LUCIFERA is a Thrash Metal band made of four girls, crazy for real Metal. Lyrics are written in Spanish. Their influences come from South American bands, with their typical raw and underground sound. The songs will make you feel war, death, vengeance and hate towards society, religion, politics, and all human concepts that don't understand the strength and immortality that gives the evil and blasphemous sound of Metal.

Release date : 21/04/2010

FUNERAL IN HEAVEN Daiwaye Haaskam Saha Paralowa Sapatha (Sri Lanka) 7"EP - LOD039Sold out

Formed in early 2003 and hailing from the ancient battlegrounds of Sri Lanka, FUNERAL IN HEAVEN are known as a project who through the veins of Black Metal, unleash and expose the country's ominous side of history with its decades of war and notorious chronicles regarding events of demonology and exorcisms. Known as the initiators of the genre Hela Black Metal, FUNERAL IN HEAVEN are regarded to blend the cold dirge of Black Metal with ingredients of Sri Lankan traditional instrumentation. Two hellish tracks to be released, comprising and drenched of ancient demonology, decades of civil war and preachings of the afterlife.

Release date : 15/04/2010

EXORDIUM MORS Verus Hostis - A Hymn to Fire (New Zealand) 7"EP - LOD038Sold out

An incredibly great release of intense and violent Black/Death Metal reminding IMPIETY, SURRENDER OF DIVINITY and some Australian hordes. Two long exlusive songs. Concept on Hellenistic / Roman themes. First band from Oceania on LEGION OF DEATH Records! Important information: unlike all other LEGION OF DEATH releases, this record must be played at 45 rpm.

Release date : 10/03/2010

ORATOR Dominion of Avyaktam (Bangladesh) 7"EP - LOD037Sold out

ORATOR was formed after tearing apart the demiurgic womb of BARZAK. ORATOR is inspired by their Kapalik/Aghoric ancestors to perform tantric rituals through their intense and violent Death/Thrash Metal. A conceptual record about ancient left handed tantrism (Vama Marg) and Qliphoth. The band consists of Skullbearer (ex-WEAPON) with Vritra Ahi and Nahid.

Release date : 16/02/2010

CONDENADOS La Gran Muerte (Chile) 7"EP - LOD036Sold out

This band performs a dark and heavy Doom Metal, highly influenced by perverted cults like SAINT VITUS, CATHEDRAL, ELECTRIC WIZARD, among others. This vinyl has 2 peculiarities : it is the first Doom Metal release by the LEGION OF DEATH, and the first vinyl release by the band. CONDENADOS will penetrate your soul, and will let you smell an internal rot, through the invocation of ancient demons, inside the sonorous malediction of this vinyl record. "THE END HAS FINALLY COME!". Lyrics entirely written in Spanish.

Release date : 22/12/2009

ARALLU Magen Jerusalem (Israel) 7"EP - LOD035Sold out

After their 4th album "Desert Battles - Descending to the Sands", Black Metal warriors ARALLU from the Holy Land strike again with this new assault which name can be translated as "Jerusalem Shield". 3 new and exclusive songs of Mesopotamian barbarity!

Release date : 06/10/2009

DESERT STORM OF EVIL (Africa / Middle East) LP - LOD034Sold out

8 Black Metal bands from 8 different countries from Africa and Middle East. SIDE AFRICA : HELLCHASM from Egypt, AYYUR from Tunisia, BLACKCROWNED from South Africa, REX MORTIFIER from Libya. SIDE MIDDLE EAST : DEGGIAL from Turkey, SET from Bahrain, MEPHISOPHILUS from Saudi Arabia, EKOVE EFRITS from Iran. As in the first chapter ("Southern Storm Of Evil"), it is exclusive material. Definitely, this is a historical masterpiece!

Release date : 24/07/2009

KUSOOF Hilal Hubal (Kuwait / Bahrain) 7"EP - LOD033Sold out

Formed in late 2008 by Eridu and Learza, KUSOOF is a Black Metal band from the Dilmun lands of Kuwait and Bahrain in the Middle East. KUSOOF performs Black Metal with no boundaries or restrictions. This 7"EP demonstrates that by having elements and influences of Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Doom Metal, and some other experiments. The EP is a release that is exclusive to LEGION OF DEATH Records and is only available in this format.

Release date : 18/06/2009

ZYGOATSIS Siamese Warmageddon (Thailand) 7"EP - LOD032Sold out

This Siamese kommando performs brutal Black/Death Metal without any compromise. A real hellish war machine! With SURRENDER OF DIVINITY and SHAMBLES members. Four brutal songs, including a MORBOSIDAD cover song. Cover art by Sickness666.

Release date : 04/05/2009

GODSLAYING HELLBLAST From the deepest devilish pits (Turkey) 7"EP - LOD031Sold out

Raw, sick, hellish Black Metal the way it was meant to be. Exclusive tracks only from this Turkish satanic horde. Hail TKM, the Turkish Black Metal elite!

Release date : 26/01/2009

METZELI Burying the goodness (Venezuela) 7"EP - LOD030Sold out

Some years after the live demo, METZELI counter-attacks with this blasphemous and brutal 7"EP from Venezuela, offering 4 exclusive songs for the LEGION OF DEATH, with a hate-filled atmosphere and guided by death, only for followers of the crudest Black Metal, raw and killer.

Release date : 26/12/2008

KULTO MALDITO Alkohol y Metal Hasta Sangrar!!! (Bolivia) 7"EP - LOD029Sold out

After great demos and album, this blasphemous South American beast returns with exclusive unholy tracks, sung in Spanish. Old school pervert Black Metal the South American way!

Release date : 04/09/2008

INCARION Unveil Southeast (Philippines) 7"EP - LOD028Sold out

Asiatik Black Metal at its very best from this Elite horde hailing from the cursed islands called Philippines. Exclusive songs written and recorded just for LEGION OF DEATH Records! Influenced by their country and continent both musically and lyrically, this 7"EP shows the mightiness of the true South East Asian extreme Metal.

Release date : 04/09/2008

INFERNAL / THY ANTICHRIST Escupiendo las cenizas de Cristo / Human Pandemonium (Colombia) LP - LOD027Sold out

True Colombian Black Metal, for real satanic souls, featuring exclusive hymns to Satan. Here is the tale of the profane communion between two anathemic bands that wrote with the heresy of their music the most dreadful testimony of Colombian Black Metal… Open the doors of your inferno and enjoy this bewitching masterpiece that finally comes out of the deepest South American black cauldron. Incredible sound and artwork. Gatefold cover.

Release date : 23/04/2008

FALLEN SOULS / NECROMANCER (El Salvador) 7"EP - LOD026Sold out

With this release you will get exclusive dark hymns by the best hordes from El Salvador. Both bands perform raw, brutal and insane Black Metal. Of course you can also feel the unique crude South American touch, so beware : this is atrocious Black Metal for maniacs only.

Release date : 30/11/2007

HEADHUNTER D.C. / SANCTIFIER ... In Deathmetallic Brotherhood (Brazil) 10"MLP - LOD025Sold out

An infernal alliance between these two legendary Northeast Brazilian old school Death Metal hordes. A unique concept as each band offers a new song, a live song, and a cover song from the other band! It is the first time that both bands record some tracks exclusively for a vinyl record. The words "Death Metal" take all their meaning with this brutal record with a crushing sound. It's just an insane masterpiece, you won't be disappointed! The first 10" MLP ever unleashed by the LEGION OF DEATH. Gatefold cover.

Release date : 23/05/2007

NORTHERN ALLIANCE Death Anthems for a World of Shit (Pakistan) 7"EP - LOD024Sold out

Loud as Fuck - Obnoxious as Hell. The dirty brand of blackened Thrash Metal put forth by this death crew from Karachi - Pakistan, annihilates all that stands in its way. Four pieces of wrath forged in the fires of Filth and Disgust are proudly showcased on their debut 7"EP, exclusively unleashed by the LEGION OF DEATH.

Release date : 24/04/2007

TAARMA In Death I Submerge (Afghanistan) 7"EP - LOD023Sold out

Frozen, hateful and depressive Black Metal created by a dark soul hailing from the kingdom of Balochistan. The weirdest record ever spawned by LEGION OF DEATH Records. TAARMA is the expression of a hateful depressive soul, from a land beyond the vision of the masses, reflecting the hate for humanity and the rebellion against the curse of life. These hymns are dedicated to all the fallen ones who have walked the cold path of death. Enter the empire of darkness, destroy your soul.

Release date : 22/12/2006

LOS ASESINOS DEL PENTAGRAMA Cuando la noche calla (Panama) 7"EP - LOD022Sold out

Traditional Heavy Metal. Influenced by BARON ROJO, H-BOMB, POKOLGEP, METALUCIFER...

Release date : 20/07/2006

SOUTHERN STORM OF EVIL (Latin America) LP - LOD021Sold out

8 Latin American Black Metal bands from 8 different countries (order of appearance : GOAT SEMEN from Peru, GRIMA MORSTUA from Argentina, NB-604 from Ecuador, SAGOTH from Venezuela, AMMIT from Chile, KERAS DE IRA from Bolivia, THY ANTICHRIST from Colombia, FALLEN SOULS from El Salvador). Exclusive material only. Cover art by Erick Neyra, drawn especially for this LP. Warning, this is a historical masterpiece! Gatefold cover.

Release date : 09/06/2006

BLACK ANGEL Art and Fire (Peru) 7"EP - LOD020Sold out

The LEGION OF DEATH is proud to be the label that unleashed the first vinyl record by the most legendary Black Metal band from South America, with 4 exclusive tracks! The almighty BLACK ANGEL performs the same brutal and uncompromising Black Metal since 1988, and in spite of various line-up problems and false rumours, Corpus and his satanic horde will never surrender.

Release date : 23/05/2006

RABBATH AMMON Ammonites'Knights'Nights (Jordan) 7"EP - LOD019Sold out

A massive return for the two polars of the Jordanian underground Metal thrashing with a mighty and a unique identity, their second release is a killer 3-track set recorded exclusively on 7"EP format for the LEGION OF DEATH. RABBATH AMMON is the first Middle Eastern band to proudly sign an exclusive 7"EP release! Conceptually inspired by their ancestors and musically influenced by Greek Black Metal legends and other cult acts, this is a real Metal jewel.

Release date : 13/04/2006

THE SATAN'S SCOURGE ...of Kaos and Karnage (Colombia) 7"EP - LOD018Sold out

Brutal War Metal.

Release date : 24/03/2006

IRONFIST Worshippers of The Black Witch (Singapore) 7"EP - LOD017Sold out

The nekro sexxxtremists from SingaHell are back with this concept 7"EP, glorifying and summoning the late notorious black witch Mona Fandey of Malaysia through 3 hymns. Prepare to be cursed by black ritual desecration in the veins of BLACK SABBATH and heavy touches of MERCYFUL FATE and KING DIAMOND!!! With A4 black and white insert.

Release date : 20/01/2006

SARAM Embrujo (Peru) 7"EP - LOD016Sold out

Bestial Black/Thrash Metal.

Release date : 27/10/2005

MANTAK Eastern Sexxxrigalust (Malaysia) 7"EP - LOD015Sold out

Violent Asiatik Black Metal.

Release date : 29/07/2005

WEAPON Violated Hejab (Bangladesh) 7"EP - LOD014Sold out

Black Metal is Satan, WEAPON is Black Metal. Impressive song writing, inspired by bands such as ABHORER, MYSTIFIER, MORTUARY DRAPE…

Release date : 21/06/2005

RITUAL DAY (China) 7"EP - LOD013Sold out

Black Metal sung in Chinese, in the vein of DISSECTION.

Release date : 06/09/2004

NECROPSYA / EPILEPSIA When the Metal legions come from strange lands (Peru) 7"EP - LOD012Sold out

Cult violent Thrash Metal.

Release date : 16/07/2004

MALEFICARUM / JEZABEL The Black Flame Burns Once Again / Blasphemous Nightfall (Colombia) LP - LOD011Sold out

True Colombian Black Metal.

Release date : 25/05/2004

NAUSEOUS SURGERY Immortal Warriors (Brazil) LP - LOD010Sold out

Brazilian Death Metal masterpiece.

Release date : 07/04/2004

GOAT SEMEN / LEVIFER Abominable Trinity of Evil (Peru) 7"EP - LOD009Sold out

Sick and brutal South American Death/Black Metal.

Release date : 18/11/2003

EMBALMED Prelude to Satan (Mexico) 7"EP - LOD008Sold out

Bestial Black/Death Metal terror! Guest solos by Nebiros from MORTEM.

Release date : 22/09/2003

CRUELTY Marching in Blood (Brazil) 7"EP - LOD007Sold out

Brazilian Death Metal, recorded in 1986. Pre-NAUSEOUS SURGERY.

Release date : 19/07/2003

SURRENDER OF DIVINITY Immolating The Son Of The Whore (Thailand) 7"EP - LOD006Sold out

Masters of Black Metal from South East Asia. With an IMPIETY cover track.

Release date : 05/03/2003

KORIHOR Warmageddon (Philippines) 7"EP - LOD005Sold out

Violent Asiatik Black Metal.

Release date : 31/10/2002

ANAL VOMIT From Peruvian Hell (Peru) 7"EP - LOD004Sold out

Bestial Peruvian Black/Death Metal.

Release date : 31/10/2002

BARBATOS War Metal Drinkers (Japan) 7"EP - LOD003Sold out

Black/Punk Metal with Japanese, French and Colombian musicians.

Release date : 17/05/2002

DYING EMBRACE Misanthrope (India) 7"EP - LOD002Sold out

Death Metal with Doom Metal influences, in the vein of AUTOPSY. The cultest Metal band in India.

Release date : 25/01/2002

TERROR SQUAD / SABBAT Japanese Metal Destruction (Japan) 7"EP - LOD001Sold out

Legends of Thrash Metal and Black Metal from Japan.

Release date : 03/12/2001